How Do I Book Group Travel Tickets on Air India?

A Guide to Group Booking with Air India

Whenever you plan to travel within a group like with friends or family then booking tickets for all becomes quite hectic and tricky. So, when you plan group booking, you generally go for ticket purchases for more than 10 travelers at one time in such a situation. But, on Air India's official website, you do not have an option for group ticket booking, though, for such matters, the most competent option would be like getting in touch with airlines customer service representative to book a group on an Air India flight because once you get in touch with an expert, you will get appropriate assistance on group booking and more you will get best deals and offers too.

Consult with an Air India expert via phone: If you need to purchase a group flight ticket with Air India for traveling with your fellow mates or family members, then you should keep this function in hand that once you dial the customer service number, you will get in touch with an expert and get group booking assistance.

  • Go to the official website of Air India by using the local internet browser of your device.
  • After that, there on the homepage, tap on the contact option from the top menu panel. 
  • Once you are on the customer support page, you get different contact numbers defined by other country codes. 
  • Select one appropriate number and dial it from your phone 
  • After which, first select the language and listen to computerized voicemail instructions. 
  • Press 9 and wait for a few minutes until your call is transferred to the expert
  • Lastly, once your call gets picked up by a live representative, you can share the group booking option with the representative. 
  • Then you will have to provide your contact details, and the representative will send the link for group booking on your registered email. 
  • Fill the form with all travelers' details and then submit the form and you have confirmation mail and at the departure time, show the booking details and settle on to your seating.

Visit the Airport booking counter: Another best option for a group booking is visiting the airport ticketing counter. There you will have to share details for group booking for each traveler. Then you will have to pay accordingly, and you can get discounts as well for group booking from the expert if available and then you have tickets with you for group travel, and you can easily travel with your co-passengers.

Benefits of a Group Booking at Air India:

  • The first benefit of group traveling by Air India is that you can have enough legroom space and get assigned seating per your preference.
  • Moreover, free Wi-Fi facility is also available for travelers. 
  • Ahead of this, get special group rates from Air India.
  • You will get a group of customer service to assist the group at the airport.

So, since you have been planning an Air India group booking, you won't regret it when you accurately use the above information. You will be able to search for the best group booking offers and deals from Air India customer service representative help as their services are well equipped and reasonably sufficient for the travelers for their travel.