How Do I Change My American Airlines Flight?

If you have booked a flight for the wrong date or for any reason you won't be able to take the flight and question yourself, can I change my American airlines flight? Stop questioning because the answer is yes, you can. Not every passenger's flight ticket is eligible for a flight change if you want to know about everything related to flight change, like its policies, process, and charges. Then read this page thoroughly; it will help you know about it in detail.

Flight Change Policy of American Airlines

  • If a flight ticket is changed within twenty-four hours after making the reservation, then the airline will not charge any flight change fees.
  • be sure about your plan when you book the ticket in the basic economy because you are not eligible for a flight change
  • If the non-refundable ticket is purchased with more than a 40% discount, then the airline will not allow you to change the flight ticket.
  • You can change a flight ticket after making the reservation to 3 hours before the departure time.
  • Airlines will charge some flight change fee if the ticket is changed after the safe period, whether it is a refundable or non-refundable ticket.
  • If there is any medical emergency or the death of any family member, then you can change the flight ticket for free, but you will have to show documents for verification.
  • There are no flight change fees for domestic flight tickets, but if you change the flight on the day of the flight's departure, the airline will charge some flight change fees.
  • If you are changing an international flight, you also have to pay the fees.
  • AAdvantage members cannot pay any flight change fee and can change their flight at any time but two hours before the flight's departure.
  • If you did not board your flight and want to change its date, it is impossible because you were marked absent at the time of boarding.

How to Change American Airlines Flight?

There are two ways to change your flight ticket. Read about them below and choose any method according to your convenience.

Offline method: if you are thinking can American airlines change my flight? The answer is yes; all you have to do is contact the airline's reservation department. For that, visit the contact page of the airline, get the contact number from there and dial it. Share your booking reference number, passenger's name, and changes you want to make. After that, you will get a payment link on your registered mail id make the payment for flight change fees and fare difference. Lastly, check the mail for confirmation of a new flight ticket.

Online methods: if you want to make the changes yourself, then you will have to download the application of American airlines and log in to the account through which you booked tickets, and then follow the step given below:

  • Go to Manage my bookings and click on "my trips."
  • Open the ticket you want to change and then look for the edit option on the bottom right corner of the ticket.
  • Make the changes in your flight ticket and move toward the payment page.
  • Make the payment through credit or debit card; lastly, check the message or mail on your registered mobile number or email.

Hopefully, after reading this page, you have no question about American airlines change flight policies and processes. If you want to avoid the flight hinge fees, make the changes within a safe time or become a member of the AAdvantage program and enjoy other benefits of it.