How to Get Last Minute Deals on American Airlines?

Get Last-Minute Deals on American Airlines

The panic and anxiety you feel when you try to book your ticket last minute is insufferable. There is no structure to follow, no pattern or plan you can refer to. Everything passes in a blur, and you're not even sure you are looking in the right direction. 

If you are trying to get last-minute deals on American Airlines, and are stuck in the same chaotic situation, trying to find some semblance of order and hope, don't give up. This article will break down the top 5 ways frequent fliers and experts use to get cheap last-minute flights while flying on American Airlines. 

Set your expectations low

You don't know which flights are operating at the exact specific time you need to book the last-minute flight. So, keeping your expectations low will help you get a concrete last-minute booking. 

Pack minimum amount of clothes

Traveling light will help you in multiple ways. If you are someone who can knock all your belongings into a single bag, then you can easily travel cheaper compared to everyone else going for the last-minute American Airlines deals; you can expect to get:

  • Free cabin check-in. You won't have to pay for baggage check-in if you put all your belongings in the same small cabin bag (just the essentials). 
  • Carrying all your stuff in your carry bag will save you the trouble of standing in queues to get the luggage checked in.
  • Traveling light will save you from the extra baggage fee one has to pay when the baggage becomes heavier than the allowed weight. 

Pick odd departure times 

Most of the population prefers to travel during active hours, such as afternoon, or morning, starting from 7 am - 11 am. Then the preference shifts to the evening and night time from 8 pm to at max 2 am. When you pick odd times, such as between 1:30 am to 6;30 am, your chances to get last-minute deals on American Airlines increase. If you can afford to travel during such times, you can get the best prices on stop-over flights going through your area. 

Use your American Airlines Miles points 

If you are a frequent flier and have considerable amounts of mile points, you can select a convenient flight and smooth out the fares by redeeming the points. For passengers who are not a member, if you join the membership, you will easily get around 10,000 miles points just for joining. Using this, you can get a discount of around $150 on your ticket. Now, in addition to this, you will also get a free cabin bag and 1 to 3 free baggage check-in, depending on your membership type. To use the points:

  • Open American Airlines website/mobile app. 
  • Search for the available flights. 
  • After selecting, tap the 'Payment Through Miles' button at the payment window. 
  • Select what amount of miles you wish to use and if you want to pay as a compound payment. 
  • Afterward, the payment system will automatically deduct the decided points from your account. 

Call a booking agency 

One of the best ways to get last-minute American Airlines deals is through travel agencies. Airlines always have a certain number of flights booked out to these agencies, and the agencies sell them at the 11th hour on a first-come, first-serve basis. This starts approximately 14 days before the scheduled departure. 

For more deals and support, connect with the airline support team on 800-433-700 or send your queries at; they can give you good last-minute discounts if the application is possible.