What is Baggage Policy for American Airlines?

Baggage Policy of American Airlines

Traveling with American Airlines can make the best experience with the Airlines. But you want some things with you, and you don’t have much knowledge about how many bags are allowed by American Airlines. For this, they always require some key information about the Baggage. For that, the airlines make the American Airlines baggage policy to help you in resolving your confusion. That you will show there, and it is necessary to track down,

All the luggage fares are non-refundable that can be implemented on every person and every check-in of all the different locations. Now, there are some features that are essential to remember these features.

Weight allowance that you will carry on during traveling on an American flight are:

  • For business and first-class- 2 items up to 32kg / 70lb each
  • Executive- 2 items up to 32kg / 70lb each
  • Plus- 2 items up to 23kg / 50lb each
  • Classic- 1 item up to 23kg / 50lb
  • Basic- 1 item up to 23kg / 50lb

Allotment of baby and kids’ weight:

  • If the child has the conveyance up to 2 years old baby, the backpack allows American Airlines baggage size and weight that is 158 cm/ 62 in (in a situation of brush-off)
  • If you are itinerant with an infant with brush aside, it permits one hamper and one fully foldable baby carriage or one child’s seat to be obtainable with rebate expense.
  • Traveling a passenger with a 2 to 11 years old child, the American airline authorizes the same grown-up weight as bearing in mind, and it only relies on the position, charge, and terminus or route of the American flight. 
  • If you buy a supplementary baggage allowance, it will command 59 CAD for 1st examined bag at disregard costs. And for other controlled suitcases is 90 CAD.

Now, here you will get the fees for your baggage that will help you in remembering how much bag allowance with how much it costs. For that, you have to track down it:

American Airlines baggage fees 2022

For Baggage 1

  • Domestic- $30
  • Mexico- $30
  • Haiti- $0, $30
  • Cuba- $0, $30
  • Central America- $30
  • South America- $45, $0

For Baggage 2

  • Domestic- $40
  • Mexico- $40
  • Haiti- $65
  • Cuba- $200, $0
  • Central America- $40, $65
  • South America- $65

For Baggage 3

  • Domestic- $150
  • Mexico- $200
  • Haiti- $200
  • Cuba- $200
  • Central America- $200
  • South America- $200

For Baggage 4

  • Domestic- $200
  • Mexico- $200
  • Haiti- $200
  • Cuba- $200
  • Central America- $200
  • South America- $200

However, by this, you can easily remember the things that you are following up on while going for check-in with the American Airlines baggage fees 2022. Hence, with that, you will get the knowledge that will help you in check-in. 

Furthermore, if you are still facing a problem, it is required to contact the Customer service person that will help you in solving the problems that they are facing. In addition, if you lose your bag and don’t have a mode of getting it, the customer service agent will help you in solving your problem that can also provide the best services. In addition, you can speak with them by call, mail, live chat, and social media help also, which you will get from the website of American Airlines. American airlines person can help you in resolving the issues that you are facing and they solve in 24/7.

Does American Airlines allow free carry-on?

After you have made your bookings with American Airlines, the main concern that is left is the baggage. It is important that you know how many bags with how much weight you can carry to the flight. If you are wondering whether American Airlines allows free carry-on or not, then you should be aware that you can bring one carry-on bag free at the Airline. Further in this read, we will discuss more about the carry-on luggage policy and everything related to it.

What is the policy for Carry-on luggage at American Airlines?

There are some of the guidelines for carry-on which you need to follow if you want to avoid the inconveniences which can occur:

  • At American Airlines, you can have one carry-on bag and one personal item for free.
  • The carry-on bag you are bringing should be 22 x 14 x 9 inches / 56 x 36 x 23 centimeters (including handles and wheels) in size.
  • The carry-on bag should not exceed the American Airlines carry-on baggage weight limit of forty pounds which is 18 kg.
  • The bags need to be in size, dimension, and weight as guided by the Airline. If the bags exceed the limit, then they will not fit into the overhead cabin.
  • You can also bring one personal item with the carry-on bags.
  • The items such as books, cameras, laptops, guitars (any small musical instrument), child safety seats, strollers, purses, backpacks, etc. will be included in the personal items with carry-on.
  • These personal items should fit into the seat space in front of the seat.
  • You cannot bring any prohibited items to the flights. 
  • Things like needles, syringes, knives, and scissors are not allowed to carry on the flight. But if you are bringing them because of some medical condition, then you need to inform the Airline beforehand and take permission for the same.
  • Bags should be in great condition, as damaged, broken, or badly tightened bags will not be accepted.