How do I Speak to Someone at Lufthansa?

Suppose you want to use some services after you have reserved your ticket with Lufthansa you have to know then a way to speak to someone at Lufthansa as there is no other way that is as easy as speaking to customer support and conveying them your issues to get resolution of those unresolved issues and you have to know a way that you can use, and that is without a doubt calling them on their phone and then telling them the issues that you are facing and if you want to know a way that you can use to reach out to the support team of the lufthansa then after reading along you can get to know all about that

What is the process for speaking with customer support of Lufthansa?

If you are looking for a way to use that is very effective in providing a resolution of your issues, then it is making a call and telling them the issues, and they can provide you a resolution firstly you have to connect them after reaching out to Lufthansa Airlines phone number on 1 (800) 645-3880, and then you have to follow ivr after connecting to a portal of lufthansa

  • Press 1 for language availability 
  • Press 2 for reservation-related issues 
  • Press 3 for policies related issues
  • Press 4 for special assistance services
  • Press 5 to reach out to the support of lufthansa 

There are multiple issues that you can get a resolution of after reaching out to the support, and after you make a call to the support team, you can then avail of some of the Lufthansa services that are there provided to you over phone and this is a very amazing way as you are speaking to someone who has knowledge of your issue and is aware of providing you with the resolutions that are effective in resolving the issues.

How Do I Speak to a Live Person at Lufthansa?

Are you facing trouble with your flight bookings at Lufthansa airlines? One can reach out to the customer support professionals at the airline for help and assistance with Lufthansa flight bookings to get instant assistance and solutions for flight reservations.

Dial Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number 1 (800) 645-3880 if you need to reach a Lufthansa Airlines customer service representative. This service is accessible 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Available Methods to Contact Lufthansa Customer Service Team

One can stick to multiple methods available online to get in touch with someone at Lufthansa for help. Let us consider each method in detail so that you are able to get a total comprehension of how customer services work at Lufthansa airlines and how one can speak to a live person at Lufthansa for help.

Can I Contact Lufthansa via the Helpline Number?

The customer service and support contact details are available online and one can communicate with the customer service support representatives by dialing the customer service helpline number for help and assistance with flight-related complications. 

Follow the below steps in order to get help with Lufthansa reservations:

  • On your web browser, travelers need to visit Lufthansa airlines’ website. Visit
  • Tap on the contact us option on the homepage to connect with someone from the customer service support department at the airline. 
  • A new page will be open on your screen, where you can find multiple options available in order to connect with someone from the customer service support professionals. 
  • Select the helpline number i.e. 1 (800) 645-3880 and dial it in order to reach a customer support representative at the airline. 
  • There is a short wait time before your call connects with a professional after selecting the appropriate prompt from the options delivered on the call. 
  • Say all your problems and queries to the customer support executives at the airline for help with your flight bookings.

Can I Drop an Email for Customer Help?

The customer help email is yet another option available after Lufthansa's phone number. One can find written solutions to problems via the email option, hence it is one of the best options among travelers from across the globe. 

A customer service executive will get back to you at the earliest as the maximum time taken by the customer service representatives to connect back is 48 hours. Travelers can locate the customer service email address on the official website of Lufthansa for help. 

Is There a Live Assistant for Help at Lufthansa?

Passengers can connect with a live chat assistant at Lufthansa for help by using the live chat option. One can find multiple options on the live chat and can get dedicated help with their Lufthansa reservations. You can always connect with customer services via the online live chat to get instant help and quick solutions to tackle flight-related complications.

Can I Post My Queries Online?

The social media platform also allows individuals a scope through which they are able to get connected with the customer support team at the airline for ample help and solutions. 

Travelers can post their queries and concerns on the Facebook and Instagram pages run by the airline. You can also find proper solution videos on Lufthansa’s YouTube channel released and managed by the airline.
Tag Lufthansa in your online post to get an optimum and instant revert for your flight booking.

The Complaints and the Feedback Form

Apart from the Lufthansa customer service number, people can post their complaints and feedback using the online complaints and feedback form. Enter the required information on the page and hit the submit option. You will get a notification from the customer support team at the airline consisting of your complaints number and other relevant details.

How Do I Get Through to Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the most amazing and loved airlines in the aviation industry. Lufthansa is a certified 4-star rated airline by the passengers, as they are highly satisfied with their services. Lufthansa knows how to support its passengers, which is why its customer service is one of the best in the world. 

So, if you are pondering over Lufthansa phone number 1 (800) 645-3880 or the ways to get in touch with the airlines, then you are on the right page to get the method to connect with Lufthansa Airlines. Follow this blog till the end and attain the advantage of Lufthansa Airlines’ customer service. 

Ways to Get in Touch with Lufthansa Airlines

Through Call

  • You have to dial the Lufthansa Airlines official number on your handset 1 (800) 645-3880. 
  • At first, you will connect with the IVR for the necessary number procedure, where it will ask you to choose the language first.
  • Press on the number related to your language, and then it will ask you why you got in touch with Lufthansa Airlines customer service. 
  • Once you have clicked on the number for your reason, the IVR will process your call and connect you with the live assistant. 
  • When you are connected, you can tell them whatever concern you have. 

Therefore, the above written is the most verified steps in order to get through the customer service of Lufthansa Airlines. Now, if in case there is heavy traffic on the Lufthansa Airlines call line, then you can refer to the other various methods to get through the airlines. 

The Alternate Methods to Contact Lufthansa Airlines

Bottom Line

The above are the most possible and the most convenient ways to get through to Lufthansa. You can connect with them at any time of day, whenever you wish, as their services are open 12 months a year, without a single minute or day off. They are dedicated to working for their passengers and giving them a beautiful travel experience.

Lufthansa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does Lufthansa require a Covid test for transit?

Travelers need to present a negative Covid test for transit on Lufthansa flights if they have had a stay in a risk area. Also, a negative Covid test report is one of the travel documents included in the travel list by Lufthansa airlines.

How much is the Lufthansa refund fee?

Lufthansa airline charges a cancellation fee after the 24-hour free cancellation window expires. The fee range is from USD 100 to 500, depending on the cancellation date from the actual departure date of the scheduled flight and the type of seat selected by passengers.

How long do Lufthansa refunds take?

Travelers get instant refunds for a Lufthansa airlines flight cancellation; however, it may take around 7 to 10 working days for the amount to reflect in your original payment source. Once this time has passed, you can contact the support team to know more about your refund status at Lufthansa. Visit to get refund status details.

Does Lufthansa give free food?

Lufthansa airlines do offer free food to Economy passengers having a long-haul flight. Moreover, people can add meals to their reservations using Lufthansa's website.

How do I talk to the Lufthansa customer service?

Travelers can communicate with the customer support representatives at Lufthansa airlines by sticking to various Lufthansa customer support options that are as follows: 

Customer support hotline: 

  • First and foremost, people must navigate to the official website, where people need to select the contact us option on the homepage. 
  • Next, select the contact number and dial Lufthansa's toll-free number to get help and assistance regarding your flight reservations. 
  • Next, people will hear an automated voice delivering various prompts on the call.
  • Make your selection from the available options from the IVR menu. 
  • You will need to wait for a while before your call connects. 
  • Once connected, talk to a representative and get instant support for your Lufthansa flight booking. 

Note: people can communicate with the customer support executives and may also take notes of the conversation for future reference purposes. Here is yet another way that one can use to get help for Lufthansa flight reservations. 

Email option. 

Passengers can talk with the customer support representatives by composing an email and dropping to get help from the concerned team at Lufthansa. Include all your doubts and queries in the email and get support from the support department within 48 hours of sending the email, as this is the maximum time the representatives take to offer help to consumers.

How do I connect to Lufthansa?

Travelers can use live chat online to get help and assistance for their flight bookings. Here is what one can do to get instant assistance and guidance for your flight reservation: 

  • People can communicate with the reservations department by navigating to the official website. 
  • One can find the customer support option online at Select the chat option. 
  • Initiate a chat with the customer service live person by entering your queries on the chat window.
  • A live person will instantly join the chat to offer multiple solutions. 

Note: the chat option remains active 24x7, and a live person is available round the clock to address all your doubts and concerns. All you have to do is select an apt option on the chat window to get dedicated help.

How do I call Lufthansa from Europe?

People can dial the respective Lufthansa Europe helpline if they are someone who needs help in Europe. The helpline number would enable you to connect with someone from the support team, and you can get proper solutions for your flight reservations. Below mentioned are the contact details for some countries in Europe: 

  • Germany +49 (0) 69 867 99400 Monday to Friday; 08:00 to 21:00 hours. 
  • Spain +34 (0) 910 900 700 Monday to Friday; 08:00 to 22:00 hours. 
  • France +33 (0) 387 130 113 Monday to Friday 08:00 to 22:00 hours. 
  • The United Kingdom +44 (0) 151 237 3300 Monday to Friday; 08:00 to 21:00 hours. 
  • Greece +30 (0) 21 11986230 Monday to Friday; 08:00 to 23:00 hours. 

Moreover, assemblers can always drop an email to get optimum assistance and support for their flight reservations and better solutions. The reply window supported by Lufthansa airlines is 48 hours.

Do you need a negative Covid test to fly Lufthansa?

Passengers must have a negative Covid test report to fly Lufthansa airlines. Check the travel requirements page on for clarity.

How do I speak to Lufthansa?

Here are various options that one can select to get dedicated support for reservations or any other flight-related concern: 

  • Helpline number to talk to a representative from the airline. 
  • Customer support Email address released by Lufthansa. 
  • Customer support Live chat option available at  
  • Lufthansa's customer service team runs social media channels and pages.


Does Lufthansa cancel 24 hours?

Travelers can make free cancellation or flight changes on Lufthansa if they opt for 24-hour cancellation or change. People need to cancel or change their flight booking within 24 hours of the initial Lufthansa flight booking to get free cancellation or modification.

Is Lufthansa a good airline?

Lufthansa offers the best services to passengers and has the least number of delays. Also, the in-flight amenities are great. Hence it is a preferred option for travelers. Lufthansa also has the best policies catering to passengers' travel needs.

How do I get a live person at Lufthansa?

Travelers can communicate with a live person at Lufthansa airlines using the live chat option. Access the live chat option on the main website and initiate a live chat to get help from a live representative from Lufthansa. The live person will join the conversation quickly to offer support regarding your flight booking.

What is the Lufthansa ticket number?

A ticket number is a 13-digit number or code easily accessible on passengers' receipts or boarding passes.

How do I call Lufthansa from Australia?

Passengers from Australia can call the following hotline number to speak to someone from the Lufthansa customer service team for help. 

Australia: +61 (0) 280 989 008, Monday to Friday; 18:00 to 08:00 hours (East). 

Dial the number mentioned above and get support for your bookings. You will hear an automated voice on the call delivering various prompts to get help. Select an option from the IVR menu for committed services from the support department. A professional or an expert from the customer service department will connect back after a short while to answer all your questions regarding your Lufthansa flight booking.

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