How Much Does It Cost to Change a Flight Date with Lufthansa?

How Much Does Lufthansa Charge to Change the Flight Date?

Changes can be sudden and can't be foreseen. That's why Lufthansa airlines allow you to make changes in your flight date and itinerary. The airline charges a change fee of $60-$120 as per the changes, but changing the date within 24 hours of booking the flight is free of cost.

If you hope to understand more about the cost to change a flight date with Lufthansa, keep reading the article below. Moreover, you can check the other related policies to help you in a smooth changing process. The Lufthansa customer service is also available to help with any questions regarding flight change.

What is the Lufthansa Flight Date Change Policy?

If you have booked the ticket for some date and need to change it, the airline has a rulebook. Read the points below to know the flight date change policy in a better way;

Flight change fee

  • If you make any changes in the flight date within the first 24 hours of the booking, the airline does not change any change fee.
  • The cost of changing the flight date varies between $60-$100 depending on your booking type and destination.
  • You need to pay the fare difference if the flight on the new date is more expensive than the current one. If the latter flight is cheaper, Lufthansa provides the rest money as a travel voucher.
  • The cost of changing the flight the same day gets up to $220 as per the ticket type.

Same-day flight change policy

If you want to change the flight to the scheduled departure date, the new flight must fly on the same route, between the same airports.
The changes in destinations are not allowed.

Where can You Change the Flight Date of Lufthansa?

As per the Lufthansa change date policy, a customer can change the flight details from the same platform that has booked the flight. That means if you have made the booking through some travel agency, you need to call the agents to make the changes. Online changes are allowed only if the reservation is successful from the official website or customer service.

Steps to Change the Flight Online

  • First, open the Manage Booking option from the airline's homepage.
  • Enter the current flight number and surname given on the tickets.
  • Once you see the booking, click on the Modify button.
  • Here, you can make the flight date changes at your convenience.
  • Now hit the Find Flights button to select a new flight.
  • Check the itinerary details again and provide the required information.
  • Pay the fare difference if applicable, along with the change fee.
  • Once the booking is confirmed, the airline sends you the revised e-ticket in the registered email.

That's how you can change the flight date online using the airline's official website. Besides, you can contact the customer support of Lufthansa to make the date changes.

Now you know enough information about changing the airline's date according to the airline's flight date change policy. If you face trouble in any steps while changing the date, you can dial the Lufthansa customer service number. The representative can help you in the online process or amend the itinerary on your behalf. So grab your ticket information and fly on whichever date you like on Lufthansa Airlines.

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