How can You Upgrade Seats on ANA?

How do I upgrade my seat on ANA?

Are you planning to select ANA for your upcoming journey? If yes, get your seat in the preferred cabin class on the flight. If, for any reason, you later decide ANA seat upgrade to the next best cabin class. The airline allows you to do that. Follow the steps below to upgrade your seat:

  • Visit the official website of ANA Airlines.
  • Go to the "Manage my Booking" section. 
  • Provide the passenger's last name and booking reference code to get the booking details.
  • Move to the airline's menu and select the seat upgrade option.
  • You will now get a seat map, take the cursor to the preferred cabin class and select the best seat at your convenience. 
  • Click on the next to get the payment option and select your preferred channel to make the payment.
  • The airline will reserve the seat for you on the flight and send you the seat number and other details to your registered email id.  

Can you upgrade from economy to Business Class on ANA?

Seats are limited in the Business class, but there are ample seats in the Economy class. Due to the lack of seats at the time of booking, you may have to make the booking in the Economy class. ANA reserves some seats for their loyal passengers, who may not attend the booking; sometimes, passengers may cancel their seats at the last moment. This allows the ANA to now give an option to the passengers traveling in other cabins to upgrade ANA to business class; thus, passengers can upgrade their seats from Economy to Business class. 

Can business class use ANA Lounge?

Make your booking in the business class and access their lounge area. The lounge area of ANA makes the journey of the passengers more comfortable. Business class passengers do not have to pay extra to access their lounge area; they automatically get the lounge facility attached to their ticket.

What are the dimensions of the ANA business class seats?

If you want to get the best seats on ANA airline, book the airline's business class. Here, you get seats that are comparatively more comfortable and spacious than other seats. The seat's dimensions are 53 inches in pitch and 35 inches wide, which can be turned into 72 inches of a bed. 

What is the difference between business class and first class ANA Airlines?

First-class and ANA business class is one of the best cabins of ANA Airlines. Thus, compared to the Economy class, you may not see a major difference between business and first class. However, you may want to know which seat is more comfortable before you select one for your journey. Both the seats have their own merits offered to the passengers. You can read the points below to inform yourself better about the difference between the two seats and then choose accordingly:

  • First-class seats are comparatively bigger, which can turn into beds, and you get a personal apartment. However, business class seats also turn into a bed, but you may not get a personal apartment with business class.
  • First class provides the passenger with more spacious legroom. Business class also offers a seat with extra legroom, which allows passengers to straighten their legs without any trouble.
  • The amenities and food you receive on the flight with Business class booking are of restaurant level, but ANA provides trained chefs to the passengers traveling in First class. This chef makes the food for the passenger on their demand.

Can I upgrade ANA to business class?

Seats are limited with business class, and therefore, you may get seats on the flight in business class while booking, but due to last-moment cancelation of the ticket, ANA may now offer you a seat in business class. If you have already booked in Economy class and wish to upgrade your seat, you can apply for the seat upgradation before the check-in process to Business class. The airline will upgrade your seat and share the seat number with you through your registered email id. But, in any case, if you wish to degrade your seat from first class to Business, ANA does not allow this facility to the passengers.

What is the policy of ANA for seat Upgrades?

Passengers planning to fly with ANA Airlines may want to select the best seat on the flight. However, it may happen that sometimes, the airline may not be able to get you the preferred seat in the selected cabin class. But, you can still apply for the seat upgradation; if they are with the seat in the future due to last moment cancelation, they might offer you the vacant seat. You are advised to apply as fast as possible as the seats are limited, and ANA Airlines allot the seat to the passengers based on first come, first get. However, you may still not get a seat even if you apply. You must read the policies of ANA for seat upgradation before you apply for it. Read the points below to know seat upgrade policy:

  • ANA does not take guarantee seat upgrades as it depends on various factors and the availability of the seat in the preferred cabin class on the day of departure.
  • The passengers can upgrade their seats to business class or first class from Economy class, but the reverse is not possible. The airline does not offer degradation of the seat.
  • If a passenger wishes to upgrade their seat, they are advised to do it within 24 hours of their booking, as there are no charges for seat upgrades for 24 hours from the booking. If you cannot request the seat upgrade within this time frame, ANA will charge a change fee from passengers for any request for a seat upgrade after this period.
  • The passengers upgrading their seats will have to meet the fare difference between the previous class and the new class, irrespective of the timing of the request.

Does ANA Airlines have a bidding option for seat upgrades?

The seats are limited, and there is a high demand for seats in Business class and First Class. Thus, the airline offers their passengers to bid for the seats in the next best class, and the highest bidder gets the seat. 


  • The passenger on the Japan domestic flights will not get an option to bid for the seat.
  • If a minor wants to participate in this program, they will have to get permission from their parents or guardian.  
  • Customers who are flying with Economy tickets are eligible for this program.
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