How do I Talk a Travel Agent?

Suppose you want to plan a trip with your family to take them on a relaxing holiday and want to talk to a Travel Agent to learn the overall expenses for all the bookings, including flight tickets, hotel reservations, transportation, etc. now you must be searching for a way to contact the customer support and ask for needed help. Then don’t stress! Just keep on reading the information that is given below-

What are the reasons for connecting with the travel agent?

  • If you want a quote for holiday packages.
  • For hotel reservations.
  • To get deals and discounts on flight booking and hotel reservations.

How can you contact the travel agent?

You can connect with a travel agent for many reasons and talk to the live travel agent by using multiple available methods through online and offline portals. If you are using phone calls to contact Travel Agent, you can get instantly connected with the live executive, but if you are using email or a contact form, it can take more time to get a response from the agent. Anyhow you will be provided with expert advice for any query you face.

Via Phone call

The dedicated phone number is on the official website connect with us tab. These numbers are usually present 24/7 for customer support, and you can dial them anytime.

  • Start by dialing the Travel agency helpline number on your phone.
  • Follow the automated instructions that you will hear on the call.
  • Choose your preferred language to communicate. 
  • Press 0 to speak with the executive.
  • Press 1 for holiday package information.
  • After hitting the related key, wait for a bit as your call connects to the live executive.
  • Now you will get connected to the travel agent, explain your requirements, and ask for the required help.

Via Live chat

You can also get the required help if you connect with the travel agent through the live chat option, as most travel agencies provide live chat support to their customers.

  • This option is available for customers 24/7, so you can get instant assistance by using this option.
  • You can visit the official website of the travel agency and locate the contact us tab.
  • Now you can choose the Message us option on the next redirected page.
  • A chat window will be popped up on your screen, and on the chat box, you can write the query you are facing and select the shown prompts to get an accurate response from the live executive.
  • You can also write “live agent” to connect with the travel agent directly and get the required help from him.

Via email-

You can also connect with customer support through the email option and get a revert within one day of sending an email. You can open your mailing software and compose an email, write a brief of your situation in the email subject, and put the official email id in the recipient option. Now you have to describe your issue in the email body and don’t forget to mention your contact details to get instant support vis call back or get a revert.

Via social media

Popular social media options like Facebook and Twitter can provide instant support if you directly message the agency on Facebook.

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