What is United Airlines Pet Policy?

Traveling with pets is common for some travelers. It must be noted that if you are boarding a United flight then only dogs and cats can be carried along. Though United Airlines permits all-breed and weights of your pets, the following important policies are to be fulfilled:

  • Only one pet can be carried in one carrier.
  • Travelers can only take 2 pets in the cabin of United Airlines. It is mandatory to book two seats if you are taking along 2 pets. 
  • Pet must be placed in a carrier that must fit under the seats.

United Airlines pet policy international flights:

Travelers who wish to carry their pets on United Airlines to international destinations must comply with the following important pet-policies: 

It must be kept in mind that travelers are handling all the essential-documents regarding their pets to United Airlines.

  • On international flights, passengers can only take pets who are 4 months or older.

The procedure to add pets to United Airlines:

United Airlines travelers always have the alternative of adding their pets at the time of booking itself. Those travelers who wish to add their pets to United Airlines need to go through the online procedure carefully:

  • Go to the United Airlines website.
  • Search for your flight by inserting all the important details such as travel date, number of travelers, trip type, travel cities, etc.
  • Now, you can fill in the passengers' details to make bookings and navigate to the additional services option.
  • As you come across the “pets in cabin” option, you must fill in all the crucial details regarding your pet.
  • Make payment to travel via United Airlines along with your pet.

Get through United Airlines customer services to add pets to your reservations

Travelers who are traveling to international destinations via United Airlines can communicate with customer care services and request them to add their pets. For this, they need to dial the United Airlines phone number: l 1-800-864-8331 and refer to the generated computerized instructions to get their calls connected to representatives handling the same concerns. Ticket number and passenger information must be provided to search the reservation. United Airlines representative will add your pet ro existing bookings if it obeys its policies. 

How much does it cost to fly a pet on United Airlines?

Travelers are expected to pay $125 to United Airlines for carrying their pets. Also it must be noted that travel credit cannot be used for paying pet charges. 

Documents that must be handled to United Airlines to carry your pets:

United Airlines only allows passengers to carry their pets if they fulfill the terms and conditions set by the airline. Also, it is mandatory that customers provide the following important documents to the airline to get their pet bookings done:

  • Proper certificates for your pet including vaccine certificates. It must be noted that the name, issuing date, and date of expiry must be specified clearly.
  • Travelers must always provide identification cards that consist of their name, birth date, and phone number.
  • All the crucial details regarding your pet, such as breed, color, and special marking information, must be provided.
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