What is the cancellation policy for Spirit Airlines?

Learn information about Spirit Airlines' Cancellation Process and Policy.

An airline with its headquarters located in the US with a major hub at Orlando International Airport, it serves both domestic and international airports. The next possible step to be considered in the event that your travel plans are canceled is to cancel the flight. Due to Spirit Airlines' easy and convenient cancellation procedure, tickets can be easily canceled. You may read through the details provided in the article below, which shall assist you with canceling the scheduled flight, as well as the terms and conditions you must accept and even other relevant facts to make the cancellation process easy. 

Spirit Airline's Cancellation Policy

With regard to canceling the booking, you must read through the Cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines for the process. You can choose to go through the details about these guidelines as follows: 

  • Within 24 hours after booking the flight, the same can be canceled if it is made on or before seven days prior to the scheduled departure time. There will be a 24-hour free cancellation policy for this ticket. It is possible to complete the cancelation regardless of the fare rules of the booking. 
  • The airline offers free cancellation if the reservation was made in business or any other elite class. 
  • If there is any multi-city unused flight, it can be canceled, and a refund can be issued. But you have to do this at least four hours before the flight departs. 
  • In the event that tickets purchased using reward points or miles are canceled, they will be returned to you in the same form with additional validity. 
  • When a non-refundable ticket is canceled, there shall be no refund. In addition, you will have to pay the cancellation charges in this condition. 
  • You shall receive a refund when the airline decides to cancel a flight due to uncontrollable circumstances. However, you will have to wait for the next flight that Spirit Airlines will accommodate you for. 
  • A cancellation fee will not be imposed if you need to cancel the flight for any reason, which may include bad health or the unexpected death of a close relative.

Spirit Airline's Cancellation Process.

After getting done with the policy, you may get to cancel the flight through the online as well as the offline process. You may choose to get done with the requirements from the details mentioned below. 

Online- You can easily follow the online process to go to Spirit Airlines to cancel a flight through the booking you hold. You may reach out to the website and follow the given steps for help: 

  • Visit Spirit Airlines' homepage and, from the My Trips option, salvage the reservation.
  • Get to the menu icon list and choose the cancel option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and cancel the booking you hold.
  • Once done, you shall get the confirmation from the airline

Offline- The cancellation of Spirit Airlines' booking can also be done through the call process. You can get to dial 1 855 728 3555 and connect with a customer executive to get help with canceling the booking.

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