Does United Airlines Offer Senior Citizens Discounts?

An Overview of Senior Citizens Discounts on United Airlines

Whether we are young, adults or senior citizens, mostly we all wish to travel around the world, and United Airlines is one that provides you the best opportunity if you are planning to travel they will satisfy you with every possible and best service.

After the planning of a trip, we always look for an ideal airline agency so that we won't face any kind of difficulty o problem while traveling and if you are a senior citizen then choosing the right agency for your journey automatically becomes much more important. 

Does United Airlines Offer Senior Citizens Discounts?

United airlines certainly offer a good discount to their old age passengers who are 60 or more than 60 years they provide them senior fares but it is applicable only in some selected destinations and to the advantage of senior citizen discount on united airlines flights then you have to select the senior category while making your booking, otherwise you won’t be able to get it.

How many Discounts do Senior Citizens Get On United Flights?

If you are a senior citizen and want to use the services of united airlines for your trip then while booking your ticket you have to choose the senior citizen category  so that you can take the benefit from United Airlines senior citizen discount, it is available for the following destinations:

  • Ecuador
  • Honduras
  • Panama

If you are planning to travel to these destinations then you are eligible for the senior citizen fare you will get a discount of 25% on your booking with United Airlines while traveling in these countries. 

What is the Senior Citizen’s Policy of United Airlines?

The senior citizen’s policy of United Airlines is one of the best policies because their motive of running this airline is very clear and also they are totally committed to providing the best services to their passengers so that they can’t face any problem while using their services. Other than that they also provide some additional tips and benefits to help and fulfill the need of every passenger while traveling, here are the list of their best policies :

  1. The policy of Extra Time: The policy of extra time is much more needed in the 21st century because nowadays everyone is so busy maintaining the balance between their work and personal life and sometimes they don’t get enough time, so getting the policy of the extra time to get the airport and to get inside the airport to the departure gate is so beneficial.
  2. Get the extra assistance: The policy of extra assistance is the biggest merit for every passenger but especially for the senior citizens because sometimes they need proper guidance to get to the departure gate and also to resolve their problems. Some of the passengers face difficulties because of their disabilities and these types of passengers need this policy the most so that they can easily get to their flight.
  3. The policy of Extra personalization: There are lots of old-age passengers who want to experience their best moments without any interruptions or disturbance. If you are a senior citizen and looking for the best flight which will provide the policy of extra personalization then you are in the right place, your signature service concierge will complete all your formalities inside the airport including you don’t need to contact your family or loved ones your signature service concierge will inform update then time to time.

Apart from that if you will face any kind of difficulties or still wants to consult with the representatives of  United Airlines then, you can directly visit their official website to communicate with them “” and you can directly call them, through their official helpline number “1-800-864-8331”.

Other than that you can also take help from their official social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook. 

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