How Much Does It Cost to Change the Date of My Flight?

When you are planning to take a trip, there are certain instances where you change your plan. But you have already planned it and want to change the flight date. Well, most airlines allow you to change your flight date, and that will save you from some loss on the flight fare. Airlines provide different flight date change fees depending on their policies. In this article, you will get an insight into the cost of the flight date change and the procedure they follow to do so.

What is the flight date change policy?

There are specific policies that the airlines follow to change the flight date of your trip. These policies are as follows:

  • Passengers can change their flight date free of cost within 24 hours of flight booking. Every airline follows a 24 hours grace period policy. This grace period charges you no additional charges to change flights only if more than a week is left for the flight departure.
  • A specific cost is applied to the passengers if they change their flight after 24 hours, depending on the cabin, class, ticket fare, and flight distance.
  • Nonrefundable tickets are not eligible for a refund after 24 hours of booking.
  • You must change the flight date at least 24 hours before the trip date. Most flights only allow change when there are only 24 hours left for departure. These flight date change policy points are common for almost all airlines. 

List of costs to change the date of my flight of top Airlines:

American Airlines:

  • These airlines apply around 150$ to 250 $ for flight changes on domestic flights.
  • On international flights, it charges around 850$.
  • If you need to change your flight date to the same day as your trip, the cost to change your flight date is 70$ to 150$.

United Airlines:

  • United Airlines charges 75$ if you change your flight on the departure date.
  • Domestic flights are allowed to change when they pay an amount of around 200$.
  • For international flights, the change cost is between 400$ and 800$.

Delta Airlines:

  • If you want to change your domestic flight with them, you must pay around 200$ to them.
  • International flights have more charges for the flight change, which range between 250$ and 500$.
  • Exact-day flight change costs between 70 and to 80$ to the passengers.

Alaska Airlines:

  • They apply charges on flights around 100$ to 150$ for the flight date change for domestic flights.
  • The charges are between 150$ and 200$ for international flights.
  • Same-day flight change jumps up to 50$ when you are traveling with Alaska airlines.

Southwest airlines:

Southwest applies no flight change fee when you travel with them. You can change your flight any time before departure. You must pay the fare difference if the new flight costs you more than the previous date.


Flight change fee has a different range when you travel with separate flights. Try to follow the norms of flight change of airlines. Almost all the airlines follow the same policies for the date change. Passengers who want to know about the cost to change the date of my flight can get an idea about the cost range from here. 

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