How do I Speak to Someone at Iberia?

Iberia Airlines is the air carrier of Spain. They fly to major destinations and provide flight tickets at a reasonable price. Passengers wanting to make bookings and have a few queries can speak to someone at Iberia on different platforms. The queries related to flight availability, travel packages, group booking, and other doubts can be attained by a representative. If you have already made the bookings and require some assistance, then also you can contact the representative. If you have questions regarding the cancellation, refund, or flight changes, all can be asked by a person at Iberia. 

Platforms For Contacting Iberia Representative

If you are unaware of the contact platforms at Iberia and would like to get through a representative, below are the platforms that will connect you with a person who can solve your query. The platforms for contacting an Iberia representative are:

By Phone Call

The representative assistance can be acquired on the call for a new booking at Iberia or regarding an exciting booking. You can ask questions and grab the information you want from an official by calling the Iberia customer service phone number 18007724642. Dialing the number, you will find some IVR commands which you need to consider:

  • Press 1 to make a new reservation,
  • Press 2 to cancel a reservation,
  • Press 3 to change a reservation,
  • Press # for connecting with an Iberia representative.

By Live Chat 

A person can avail of assistance online from a live representative from the Iberia website. Several questions can be asked on the live chat, and the representative will answer all your queries. Adhere to the instructions provided below to use the live chat:

  • Open the Iberia Airlines site,
  • Go to the Helpdesk option,
  • Click on the "Talk to Us" tab,
  • Select the chat icon to avail a live person,
  • Now type your queries on the live chat box and receive replies,

By Email 

If you want detailed information about a topic like group packages, avail special assistance, or a general query, you can send your questions by email to Iberia customer service. The concerned email address for sharing your questions is A person can also use this email to file complaints and share feedback.

By Social Media

The social media sites are also available as a contact platform for Iberia Airlines. Passengers can use their social media accounts to message a representative for their queries and obtain support very quickly. You can find the page of Iberia Airlines' social media on their official site, follow the steps and connect with them on a social media platform for support:

  • Sign in to the Iberia Airlines site,
  • Go to the Helpdesk page,
  • Open the "Talk to Us" tab,
  • Then click on the option of "Iberia on Social Media,"
  • A new page will be open containing the different social media pages of Iberia,
  • Click on your preferred platform,
  • Then use the message option to connect with a representative and send your queries.

Hence, if you want to get to a live person to obtain information, you can use the Iberia phone number, live chat, social media, or email. The procedure for contacting the representative in every way is mentioned above. Consider the given procedures and solve your queries without any issues.

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