How do I Pick My Seat on United?

A number of times, travelers planning to buy a flight ticket with United Airlines also like to pick the seat on the flight of their liking only. Picking a seat on the United flight is complimentary for most of the fare classes, or you may pay the additional fee to get assigned your favorite seat on the flight. Now, find the terms and conditions of picking your preferred seat and the methods in the following context.

Terms and Conditions of seat selection at United Airlines

  • The seat can be picked by the traveler while booking online or till the departure of the flight. 
  • The seat selection is free of cost for all the United Airlines fare classes except the Basic Economy.
  • If the ticket is bought directly from American Airlines, then only you will be permitted the seat selection on your flight. 
  • The seat-picking option only depends on the availability of the seats on the flight. 
  • Once the person completes the check-in for their United flight, the seat cannot be picked up anymore. 

What is the method to pick a seat during a reservation at United?

If you have already considered picking a seat of your liking while completing the flight reservation at United Airlines and would like to know the method, here are the steps:

  • Begin with visiting the United Airlines homepage,
  • In the booking window, put your flight requirement to search,
  • On the fight result page, you must see the details and then choose a ticket to book,
  • At first, you will be required to add the passenger info,
  • Then, on the next page, you will get the “Seat Selection” option,
  • As you receive your flight seat map, you must select the desired seat,
  • Now, you will have to pick an online payment option,
  • Pay the total fare and the booking will be completed at United Airlines with the seat of your choice. 

What is the method to pick a seat after reservation at United?

The United Airlines seat selection option is available till check-in, as you know. So, if you wonder how you can pick a seat based on your liking even after completing the booking, you can follow the below steps:

  • Land in the United Airlines homepage,
  • Shift to the “My Trips” window,
  • Put the confirmation number and last name as per your booking,
  • Now, tapping the search key, your booking detail will open on the site,
  • You must look for the “Seat Selection” option given in the page,
  • As you select the same, the seat map will appear,
  • You should select a seat that best suits your requirements from the unassigned seats,
  • Next, you might have to pay the fee based on your fare class,
  • As you save the changes, your picked seat will be assigned.


The passengers who expect to get a seat of their liking for the air journey now have not to think, How do I pick my seat on United? By reading the terms and conditions of seat selection and going through the mentioned methods, you can assign yourself a seat of your liking.

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