How do I Manage My Booking on Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus is the most praised airline among passengers. Suppose you have decided to fly or travel with the airline. You may need many services from the airline before, after, or throughout your journey. One can visit “Manage my Booking” and modify their journey as required. You can view this article to get the complete information about managing booking.

How do I cancel your ticket from managing my booking?

Sometimes, you may have to cancel your pre-booked flight due to an emergency or a change in the plan. In such a case, you surely do not want to pay for a ticket that you have not used. If you have to cancel your journey, do it from Aer Lingus manage booking by following the process below:

  • Visit the official page of Aer Lingus.
  • Next, as directed above, locate the “Manage my Booking” on the page.
  • Get the booking details by providing them with your surname and PNR number.
  • Next, select the cancel option in the menu.
  • State the reason for canceling your flight in the comment box and provide the other details.
  • If you cancel your ticket for a medical reason, attach the medical reports for full refund.
  • Submit the form, and the airline will proceed with the amount after deducting the cancelation fee to source payment.

What services can I enjoy via managing my booking?

There are sometimes when you have to make some changes to your ticket. If you want to modify your ticket, you can do it from manage my booking. Several things can be modified by managing my booking on Aer Lingus, as discussed below:

Cancel your Booking- If you have reserved a ticket in advance to get a cheaper deal on the ticket later, your plan may get canceled. In this case, you can cancel your ticket after paying a cancelation fee to Aer Lingus.

Refund- The passengers who have canceled their flight must have paid for their ticket in advance. They might be looking to get their money back after canceling their ticket. You can take yourself to the manage booking on the official page of Aer Lingus and raise a refund request. The airline will proceed with the refund to your source payment.

Name Change- passengers may make a typing error while entering their name on the ticket. They might want to change their name as per their government id. The airline allows them to change it from “My Trips.”

Flight change- The plans may change, forcing the passengers to divert the route of their journey. You can request the airline to shift your ticket to a new destination in such a condition. The airline will modify your ticket once you pay the fare difference.

Date change- Suppose you have already booked a flight for your meeting and later found out the plan has shifted to a new date. Aer Lingus advises you to change the date of your journey on the same ticket after paying the fare difference and the change fee.

Add-on services- You may have to add some in-flight services to your ticket for a comfortable journey. On their official page, go to the manage booking and add the extra facilities after paying for the services.

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