How Do I Get KLM on WhatsApp?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the world's oldest operating Airline flying across 145 destinations, and fliers all across the world are passionate about flying with the Airline. The Airline offers comfort and excellent customer service to its passengers or anyone that wish to fly with KLM. It is the first Airline to have a verified WhatsApp account. Whether you want to book flights or like to share feedback, you can easily do so when you have KLM available on an app that you use regularly. You can have your favorite Airline, KLM, a Whatsapp message away. 

Various methods to Get KLM on Whatsapp

KLM has been very thoughtful in collaborating with Whatsapp to start a new service. 

You can get booking confirmation, check-in notifications, boarding passes, and flight status updates on WhatsApp from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Using Whatsapp is amazing for contacting KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and meeting your travel needs.

If you want to get KLM on Whatsapp, select opt-in Whatsapp to get a confirmation mail on WhatsApp for your booking. You can further interact with the Airline using the same account.

  • You can get KLM on Whatsapp Via the official website
  • Go to the Homepage -
  • Click on "newsletter."
  • On the new page, click on "social media services."
  • You will be directed to the website -
  • Click on the Whatsapp icon to get KLM on Whatsapp
  • Start chatting

Another way to get KLM on Whatsapp is by the following method -

  • You can save the KLM WhatsApp number (+31206490787) on your phone.
  • Open your WhatsApp application and refresh. 
  • You will be able to see KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on WhatsApp.

Another way to get KLM on Whatsapp is to call the KLM customer service phone number 1800 419 3044 and ask customer service agents to guide you through the process. You will need to follow the IVR instructions to connect with the Customer service agents. 

You Can use what's app to connect with KLM Social media service agents and do the tasks listed below-

  • Get booking confirmation after making a booking.
  • Check-in for your flight or get check-in notifications.
  • Get your boarding passes.
  • Get flight status updates.
  • Interact with KLM social media service agent
  • Interact in 10 different languages like Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Stay in touch 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are using the WhatsApp business application, you can use ten different languages to ask a question. It is an amazing strategy to stay connected with its customers 24/7. Your messages are secure and can only be read by the sender and the receiver.

One can easily access all the information in one place using KLM WhatsApp verified account. It s available all the time, even if you are en route, at the airport, or at home. The first Airline to have a verified WhatsApp account to connect with its customers will be delighted to add you to the WhatsApp contact numbers. It is an amazing initiative to connect with billions of WhatsApp users, and you can take advantage of that using these tips.

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