How Do I Get Hold of Avianca?

Passengers who are planning to travel on an Avianca flight but have queries about the flight routes, bookings, and special assistance should contact the customer service team. The details regarding the Avianca flights or special assistance can be learned through a representative. You can get hold of Avianca in many ways. Different options to communicate with the customer service team are available online and offline and provide customer support for traveling with Avianca.

Methods To Get Hold Of Avianca

Communicating with an expert can be very helpful when having doubts about bookings. Without a second thought, reach out to the customer service team and ask queries. Below are the different methods mentioned by which a person can get hold of Avianca whenever they need help from the experts: 

Via Call

The preferred way to get the answers to flight or service-related questions from an expert you must dial the Avianca phone number: 1 (800) 284-2622 and do as per the automated voice instructions:

  • Press 1 to check flight status,
  • Press 2 to know your reservation details,
  • Press 3 for new bookings,
  • Press * to speak with an expert directly.
  • Now, you can talk with the expert who connected with you to assist on the call at Avianca and tell your reason for connecting with them.

Via Chat

You can attain the information online by connecting with an Avianca expert on the live chat. It is the alternative option of calling and speaking directly with a live person on the customer service team. With the given instruction, you can chat with an expert: 

  • Sign in on the website of Avianca,
  • Open the Help page by clicking the Help button,
  • Locate the chat option on the Help page of Avianca,
  • Now tap the option to connect with an available expert,
  • Choose the query on the chat box or type for relevant answers.

Via Email

If you want to send some suggestions to Avianca or wish to complain about a case for the inconvenience of their service, then you can deliver an email to them at In case you like to get detailed information for a specific flight, route, or special assistance, then also you can write an email to Avianca. An expert will send you a reply to the mail in 24 to 48 hours. 

Social Media

A person can also connect with someone from Avianca customer service on digital platforms. You can go to an account of Avianca on a social media site and directly ping them with the queries. Within some time, an expert will reach out to you with the information. On the social media platform, you can exchange a number of messages and clear all the doubts relating to your journey.

Hence, if you require assistance from an expert, try calling the Avianca customer service phone number or use the live chat method. Still, if you have yet to get the help, then email and social media platforms are also available to bring you the support of the customer service team. You can use any method to get hold of Avianca as per your suitability.

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