How do I Get a Refund on United Airlines?

The only thing that scares a passenger a lot is canceling a United flight. Even if the flight is canceled, the question of how to get a refund on United Airlines comes into the picture. Thus, to make every process easier, you can take a look at the discussion and understand everything about the refund, for example, its policy, charges, etc. Take a look:

Find different ways to get a refund on United Airlines.

Request a refund on the website.

The primary mode you can consider to file a refund request on United Airlines is through the official website. However, there are some more steps you have to follow, and some of them are elaborated on below;

  • Visit the official United Airlines webpage to start the mode. 
  • Locate the section "Manage bookings" and tap on it.
  • Provide all the details, such as PNR Number, name, date, etc., and hit the "Search" tab.
  • Click your flight, go to the "Edit my flight," and tap the "Cancel" button. 
  • The refund form will come, tap it, brief the issues, and send them to the agent. 

Approach the airport and request.

The second method you can consider is to file your refund-related request at the airport. You have to get to the airport with all your ticket details and cite the executive to proceed with the request on your behalf. However, ensure that you do so before your flight departure. 

Call the agent and request a refund. 

To cancel your itinerary and request a refund from the airline, you can dial United Airlines' contact number 1 (800) 864-8331, where the official will be assigned to whom you can cite each of your queries related to the refund and the agent will proceed with it. However, you have to remember that the automated IVR will also be spoken over a call; you have to choose the one to get a real person.  

What is United Airlines' refund policy?

Once you read out the United Airlines refund policy, you will be in a better position to avail of the refund from the airline. So, you are advised to dive into the points that are listed below; please take a look:

  • If you request a refund within 24 hours of the itinerary reservation, no additional charges will be imposed. 
  • If you have non-refundable tickets, you may not get a refund; instead, you will be offered travel vouchers. 
  • For all the refundable ticket holders, a 100% refund is initiated if a cancelation is made within 24 hours of the bookings. 
  • If a flight is canceled by the end of the airline, you will be assigned a substitute flight, or if you do not want it, you can request them to initiate a refund. 
  • For any other assistance, you can get in touch with the executive who will iron out the issues related to the same. 

How long does United take to refund?

United Airlines may take around 7-10 business days to refund an amount. However, these days may vary from time to time; thus, approach the assistance team to get the updates.

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