How do I Contact Iberia for Lost Luggage?

If a passenger had a recent flight with Iberia Airlines and, in an unfortunate case, the passenger lost their luggage at the airport, in this case, they should instantly contact Iberia for lost luggage team. The lost luggage team will help you to locate your bags and deliver them to you safely. There are a number of options where you can contact the lost luggage customer service team. 

Depending on the policies, passengers can also ask for reimbursement from Iberia Airlines for lost luggage.

Iberia Airlines Lost Luggage Policy

Read the policies for lost luggage to learn about what help you will receive from the Lost luggage support team at Iberia. The policies are listed down below:

  • If a passenger lost their luggage due to mishandling of bags via Iberia, then the passenger will be eligible for reimbursement.
  • If the passenger itself loses the bag due to carelessness. Then the passenger can request help, but Iberia will not be responsible for the loss or any reimbursement.
  • Passengers can contact the baggage team at the airport for quick support. 
  • It is necessary to file a report for lost luggage in Iberia to receive help.

Ways To Contact Iberia For Lost Luggage 

Below you will learn about the procedure for contacting a person at Iberia for your lost baggage and filing your report. The contact ways are:

Make a Phone Call

You can call the Luggage support team of Iberia to report a file of your lost luggage. The representative will help you locate the bag and search according to your specifications. Use the Iberia lost baggage phone number: +1 (800) 772-4642, to get to a concerned person and follow the instructions:

  • Dial the concerned number and wait for the call to meet with an official,
  • Let the connected person know your flight details,
  • Specify how many bags you have lost,
  • Give a little description,
  • The representative will file your report of lost luggage.

Connect on Live Chat 

You can also obtain the lost baggage information and file a report for the same through the live chat medium. Chat with an expert in Iberia and follow their instruction to find your lost bag with the below steps:

  • Open the Iberia Airlines website,
  • Go to the Helpdesk option,
  • Move to the Talk to Us page,
  • Choose the live chat icon,
  • And then select the “Lost Baggage” topic,
  • Then you will receive the related information and instruction on the live chat. 

Fill out a Claim Form

You can fill out a lost luggage form online at the Iberia Airlines website. Provide the baggage and flight details on the form, and within a few days, you will receive the response of your lost luggage. To fill out the Iberia lost luggage claim form, the following steps are required:

  • Go to the Helpdesk page of Iberia Airlines,
  • Select the “List Property” option,
  • Click on the “Lost Luggage Claim Form,
  • Enter the details like the passenger details, flight details, baggage and contact details,
  • Then submit it to Iberia Airlines.

Hence, you can contact Iberia with the help of the above platforms for your lost luggage. After filling out a report, passengers will receive a report number that can be used to track the status of their lost baggage.

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