How Do I Contact Air New Zealand from Canada?

Suppose you need to book a flight at Air New Zealand from Canada but getting an issue with the bookings. In this case, you can contact an official for the issue and reserve a seat through a live person. Other than a booking, an official can solve your flight or service queries, help in the cancellation of a flight or reschedule your booked flight as per your preference. You can contact Air New Zealand from Canada on a number of mediums. 

Mediums To Contact Air New Zealand From Canada

You can contact the customer service of Air New Zealand from any county to obtain the answers to your queries and get assistance from an official. The medium used to reach customer service are:

Via Phone Call

If you prefer talking about queries thoroughly with a concerned person and have enough time to converse with an official, then you can call on the Air New Zealand Canada phone number 1-800-262-1234 (USA) or 1866 351 9528 (Canada) and get assistance over the phone. Dial the number and then do as per the instructions:

  • Select 1 for new booking details,
  • Select 2 for existing booking details,
  • Select 3 for flight status,
  • Select # to divert your call to an official.

Via Live Chat 

If you like to attain the answers to your travel queries with Air New Zealand quickly, then using the live chat is the better option for you. On the live chat, connecting with an official is just one tap away. Rather than waiting on hold to connect with a live person, chat to ask your questions with an official. The chatting process is as follows:

  • Go to the website of Air New Zealand.
  • On the homepage, click on the “Need Help” icon.
  • The chat window will extend where you can ask your questions from the official.
  • The official will reply at the exact moment with the concerned answers.

Via Email 

Customers wanting to get a few pieces of information from Air New Zealand from Canada for the flights can write the queries in an email. Officials reply to the customer’s questions within 48 hours of delivering the email. You can send the email with the following steps:

  • Go to the page of Air New Zealand on your browser,
  • Tap the Help option on the website’s homepage,
  • Click the “Send Email” option on the page,
  • Then write your email to send the official to get information.

Social Media

If you like to keep in update with Air New Zealand, then you must join their social media accounts. You can also get the assistance of an official by messaging them in your inbox. If you have a query, you can add them in the comments of the Air New Zealand social media post to get an answer on the reply. You can find an official on the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram

Hence, whenever you need to contact an official to resolve the issue, get to solve the booking queries or reschedule or cancel, you can contact customer service by calling at Air New Zealand Canada contact number. If you prefer online mediums to contact the official, you have a live chat, email, and social media. All the mediums are available 24/7 to reach customer service from any country.

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