How do I Change My Flight Date on ANA?

If any person has made a flight booking on ANA and, post-booking, wishes to change the departure date due to any emergency, then he is eligible to make the desired changes. If you are thinking, “How may I change my flight date on ANA?” Then you must carefully go through the airline date change policies described in the forthcoming section. Also, procedures to make changes are discussed in detail in the following section; customers can use the information to make the desired modifications. 

ANA date change policies:

Following date change policies must be read by the customers before requesting the same:

  • Date changes can be requested by travelers anytime before flight departure.
  • If your newly selected ticket is of a higher-fare, then you are supposed to pay the remaining amount to the airline.
  • When someone makes date changes within 24 hours, he is not required to pay a flight change fee. On the other hand, for the changes made after that date change fee is applicable.
  • Seats allotted on the desired date depend strictly upon the availability of seats on the desired date.
  • If you are a business class ticket holder and you request to change the ticket date, then you are not required to pay any flight change fee. 

Procedure to change flight date on ANA: 

Online ANA date change procedure:

This method involves a sequence of online instructions to be followed by the customers to make the modifications:

  • Visit the official ANA website.
  • Navigate to my booking from the right side of the home page.
  • To login into your account, you must enter the flight reservation number and passenger’s name and press the search button. If you are a mileage club member, you can use the account credentials to login into your account.
  • Once you find your ticket, you can make the desired changes by pressing the edit-button.
  • After pressing the confirmation button, you will receive a message on your registered phone-number about the date modification. 

Change flight date by contacting customer services: If, due to any reason, you are unable to use the online ANA change flight date method, then you can use the offline approach. You can contact the customer care services of the airline by dialing the official calling-number: 1800-235-9262. As the call gets answered by an automated voice, you will come across the following IVR menu:

  • Press 1: For reservations
  • Press 3: To make flight modifications
  • Press 5: For language-related issues
  • Press 7: For cancellations 
  • Press *: To directly connect the call to the representatives
  • After pressing one number, your call will be forwarded to the ANA representative, who will make the modifications to your tickets according to your requirement. 

What charges must be paid by the customers to ANA to make date changes?

The price to be paid to the airline to make date changes depends upon the time you make corrections. For instance, if you make changes within the same-day of flight booking, you are not required to pay any additional-fee after that, approximately $30-$50 to be paid for the changes. 

Conclusion: After using the information provided below, customers can make date change requests. If they still have any confusion, they can contact customer-services by using ANA Customer Service Phone Number and get their confusion cleared. 

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