How do I Add TSA Precheck to Lufthansa?

The second largest ultra-low-cost carrier airline is Lufthansa, with its subsidiaries. Being a Germany-based airline, Lufthansa is a four-starred airline known for the popular services they provide to its customers. For the booking you have, if an international journey it is, then you must add a TSA precheck for flights to the US so that you can get free and easy security at the airport. To learn the process which shall help you add TSA Precheck to Lufthansa, you can go to follow the content’s information as given below. The same shall help you go through to add TSA and avail of their special services. 

Procedure to add TSA Precheck to your Lufthansa flight Online

TSA precheck is an advanced security screening process, which is a membership program for flying that allows you to pass through an extra smooth process at the security line of the airport. In order to add TSA to your reservation made, you can go through the information as mentioned in the steps as follows: 284577

  • Land on the official website of TSA, 
  • Register using the credentials. 
  • After being done, you shall get a KTN number for the said process. 
  • Now, add the same to your booking along with the booking procedure. 
  • After getting the booking done, you shall receive an email with the ticket attached to it with the KTN number mentioned on it. 

How to add TSA services via check-in?

Once you get the TSA precheck done and receive a KTN number, you can get the facilities by adding the same to the boarding pass. For this, you must add the same at the airport’s check-in desk. Ask the airport staff to add the facility for you by providing your KTN number. 

Add TSA through the call process. 

You can even get to add the TSA facilities to your booking through the call process. You can dial Lufthansa Customer Service Phone Number, 1 (800) 645 3880 / 1 (802)  255 3880. Upon giving a call to the customer service of the airline, you can follow the given IVR information and connect with the executive for help. The IVR is as follows: 

  • Press 2 for services with Lufthansa’s new booking. 
  • Press 4 for modifications to the reservation. 
  • Press 0 to contact a Lufthansa executive for help.

Enter as you wish and find the aptest solution with regard to the TSA to your booking. 

What benefits can you get by adding TSA precheck with Lufthansa Airlines? 

The airline helps its customers with various facilities with TSA precheck. The listed benefits which you can avail of from them are explained below 

  • With TSA precheck, you can get a hassle-less security process and an easy go-through in a separate security lane. 
  • Removing belts, shoes, jackets, or watches can be avoided, as with TSA pre-check, you shall be an easy security pass-through.
  • Easy passage with laptops, tablets, or quart-sized plastic bags shall be accessible. You shall not have to take these devices out from your bags at the security gates. 

Conclusion- If you are facing any other issue, you can go through the airline’s official webpage and find the most appropriate solution or might even contact the customer executive via Lufthansa's Phone Number for the different problems you are facing. 

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