How can I Use My American Airlines Voucher?

Everything You Need to Know About American Airlines Travel Voucher or Credit in Simple Steps

In the case of a booking you have with American Airlines, due to some reason, you tend to change or cancel the same; in that situation, American Airlines offers you a voucher or credit in the form of the money you are subjected to receive. The American Airlines vouchers or credits you might receive can be used for multiple reasons. Read through the details of the given below so that you can easily use them and benefit from them. 

Explain about Terms and Conditions for using travel vouchers on American Airlines.

To make use of the travel vouchers which you receive, you must understand the terms and conditions which are mentioned below for the same. 

  • The vouchers which get credited into the account are non-refundable and non-redeemable. Also, the same cannot be redeemed in the form of cash or credit, which can be gained back into your bank account. Additionally, these can only be used for US customers and with flights within the US. 
  • If the vouchers remain unused and get expire, the airline holds no responsibility to reissue or extend the validity of the voucher. 
  • The airline has the whole and sole responsibility of declining the voucher or declaring the same as void. 
  • The vouchers which are bought or sold shall be considered void. Moreover, the same cannot be used for any promotional or commercial purpose. 
  • The vouchers can be used for multiple services that the airline provides to the customers, like booking, availing of meals, or any other facility. 
  • Multiple vouchers cannot be combined with the value of that of a new ticket and reused for a new ticket. 

How to use an American Airlines voucher?

You can easily redeem or use the American Airlines travel vouchers or credits on the official website by following the given steps. But before the process, you must remember the 13-digit voucher number or the 6-digit confirmation and then go through the procedure as explained step-wise: 

  • Navigate to American Airlines’ official website. 
  • Choose a flight of choice from the Book option and enter the details of the passenger. 
  • Review the fare and go to the payment page. 
  • Then, in the voucher section, enter the confirmation number or the credit number. 
  • Done with the payment process; if there is still any amount left to be paid, pay the same using credit cards. 
  • Once done, you shall receive an email to the registered email address with the ticket. 

Where can I use an American Airlines voucher?

There are various ways through which you can use an American Airlines voucher for the help you have. The different points to consider before making use of the same, which are related to the usage, are as follows:

  • Vouchers can be used to buy new reservations on American Airlines. 
  • You can make use of the vouchers in regard to purchasing tickets on American airlines’ code share flights. 
  • Payment for any other airline using the vouchers of American Airlines cannot be completed. 
  • After the voucher usage, if there is still a pending amount to be paid, then you must go through to make the payment using credit cards only. 
  • Booking for any other airline is not allowed with the vouchers of American Airlines. 
  • Upon the expiry of the vouchers, the airline is not liable to reissue them. 

Is it possible to get money back in the place of travel vouchers?

There are chances that you can get your money back in the form of cash instead of travel vouchers or credits. This is subject to the condition that you must not accept to get a refund voucher while getting through the cancellation process of the airlines. If you haven’t opted to get the travel voucher, then you can easily get the money back into the source payment account.

Where do I find American Airlines travel vouchers?

To get access to or find your American Airlines travel credit or vouchers, you can go through the below instructions:

  • Get on to American Airlines’ official website,
  • Log in to your registered account with the airline using the username/ advantage id, last name of the passenger, and password.
  • On getting into the account, click on the Receipts and Refund option.
  • Here, you can easily find the vouchers.

Also, you can find the email related to the travel credit or vouchers in the email box of the registered address. You will find the details of the credit received and then make use of it.

Final Words- Thus, upon availing of the advantages and benefits of using the travel vouchers and credits which you receive, you can enjoy the trip you have booked with American Airlines. You can dial American Airlines phone number at 1 800 433 7300 and connect with an executive to seek assistance as per need in case there is any further assistance that you wish to get.

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