How can I Get a Refund from EasyJet?

So there are multiple scenarios that you want to know of the procedure of getting your refund of the EasyJet ticket to your account. That is why you are having this issue. Can I get my money back from EasyJet? And So there are multiple scenarios that you want to know of the procedure of getting your refund of the EasyJet ticket to your account, and those are either you have made a cancelation, and you are unaware of the refund policies, or you have changes in your plan of travel, and therefore you want to know a way that you can make cancelation as well as receive your all amount transferred as an original form in your account that you have used to purchase a ticket with the easyjet  

What are Some Refund Policies of EasyJet?

There are various policies of refund that you have to know if you are someone who wants a refund of your ticket. 

  • If you make cancelation a ticket within the same day of the purchase and you have seven or more days remaining in the departure, then you are provided with a full refund after cancelation fees are taken from you.
  • If you cancel after 24 hours, then there is no refund provided.

What is the process for getting a refund for your ticket?

There is a process that you have to follow that can ensure that you get a refund from EasyJet for your ticket after making your Easyjet cancelation, and the steps for that are 

  • First, you have to go to the website of Easyjet.
  • Then you must click on manage trips and provide your PNR and last name.
  • You have to then click on submit 
  • Click on the ticket that you want a refund of
  • You have to then click on cancelation and provide your reason
  • After following the till the end step, your ticket gets canceled 

If you have completed this process within the free window, then your refund proceeds to your account as an original form that you have used to purchase the ticket 

What is the period of refund?

After you have completed your refund process that was listed earlier, you have to wait for seven days, and after that, you will be provided with a refund of the ticket that you purchased with EasyJet. 

What are the fees for cancelation?

So there is a fee even if you are canceling your ticket in that window where you are eligible for a full refund after you follow the process at the payment page, pay $33 and proceed with cancelation and get your refund after the waiting period that was explained earlier.

There is a proper process if you want a refund of your ticket that you have previously purchased with Easyjet and want to cancel. There is an EasyJet refund policy that you have to pay the cost of cancelation even if you are making a cancelation within the free window of cancelation, and after waiting for some period, you are provided with your amount ticket.

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