How can I Change My Flight Date without a Charge?

Usually, after booking a flight, certain situations arise where it becomes necessary to change the date of the scheduled flight or, in other words, reschedule the flight. Although it is expected, rescheduling still relies on a few terms and conditions of the concerned airline, along with a flight change fee.

Is There Any Option to Change the Flight Date without a Charge?

To know if can i change my flight without a charge, please read the conditions followed by most airlines to change the date of a flight:

  • If the flight is rescheduled before the expiry of 24 hours from the booking time, no change fee will be required.
  • No rescheduling fee will be charged if you have purchased a fully flex ticket.
  • If you are flying on business/first-class, you will get the privilege to change the flight date free of cost.
  • Few airlines do not charge for a change of flight date with domestic flights.
  • On most airlines, no charges will be levied if you change the flight date before 7 days or more from the scheduled flight departure.

Process to change the flight date.

Every airline has given passengers a couple of ways to change the date of their respective flights. Try the following ways below to reschedule:

Online rescheduling is the most convenient way to postpone the scheduled flight. You will have take few simple steps to get the flight's desired date changed. You will not require any assistance with the online process if done with the given steps:

  • Go to the airline's official website from which you have purchased the ticket.
  • Click on “manage booking’ or ‘my trips’ on the homepage
  • Select the change date or reschedule from the drop-down list
  • Enter your preferred date for the new flight
  • Check the availability of seats
  • Make payments of change fee or difference in the fare if required
  • Get instant confirmation on the date change of the flight.
  • You will receive an email on your given email confirming the flight rescheduling.

Reschedule on a call: You can call the customer service of the concerned airline and request to change the flight date. It will depend on the airline’s policies and destination of the tickets whether the date change can be done free of cost or with payment of a change fee. Do the following steps below to change the flight date on a call:

  • Call on the customer service number of the airline
  • Follow the automated voice-giving instructions
  • Choose the specified number to change the date of the flight, or
  • Talk to an airline customer service representative for assistance on the rescheduling.
  • Give your desired date and time for the next flight to the customer service person
  • Select from the given flight options
  • Request the customer service person to change the date of the flight.
  • Pay the flight change fee, if required
  • Get confirmation on the flight rescheduled.

Reschedule the flight at the airport: After arriving at the airport, you cannot board the scheduled flight for a personal emergency. You can go to the concerned airline counter and request to change the flight’s date according to your preference.

Therefore, for knowledge on Can you change the date on an already booked flight, kindly read the ways, as mentioned earlier, to reschedule your flight smoothly and conveniently.

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