Does American Airlines Require COVID Vaccine?

As we all know Covid is not over yet, many airlines have modified their safety guidelines based on this. If you are traveling with American Airlines to someplace, you need to show a negative RT PCR test. You can also show the vaccination certificate, but you should have completed both doses of the Covid vaccine.

Many travelers worry about the safety guidelines of different airlines. If you also wonder does American Airlines require the Covid vaccine, the answer is yes. You need to be fully vaccinated to travel with American Airlines. If you don't have the vaccination certificate, you can confirm the travel as per the guidelines below.

What are American Airlines Safety Rules During Covid?

When you book a flight with American Airlines, you need to follow a set of guidelines given by the safety department. Some of the common guidelines are given below:

Vaccine Requirements

You should be fully vaccinated for traveling with American Airlines. If you don't have the complete vaccination certificates, you need to show a negative RT PCR report at the airport. Moreover, you need to follow the guidelines of the destination airport as well to complete a trouble-free journey.

Face Covering Requirements

You need to wear a mask throughout your journey with American Airlines. The mask should-

  • Completely cover your nose and chin area.
  • Bandanas and other clothes are not allowed as a replacement for facemasks.
  • You can only remove the facemask at the time of eating or drinking.
  • You cannot use a face shield as a replacement for a facemask. You can use a face shield as additional protection.
  • Children below two years old can travel without a face mask.


As per the American Airlines flying rules Covid, you need to carry a sanitizer for the flight. You should not touch any surfaces unnecessarily while moving or sitting in the lobby. The airline also sanitizes the flight after every trip to reduce virus spread. The airline uses a HEPA filter to secure the flight.

Social Distancing

  • It is compulsory to maintain social distancing by all the passengers at the airport. 
  • You cannot sit on the seats reserved to maintain social distancing.
  • While completing the check-in, you need to stand on the spots assigned by the airport.

Medical Exemptions

If you cannot wear a facemask for some medical conditions, you must show a medical certificate to escape the face-covering rule. However, you need to cover your face completely if you want to sneeze or cough and sanitize your hands after that.

Other American Airlines guidelines to travel during Covid

  • You should avoid touching the common areas like armrests and food trays.
  • Try not to use the washrooms and restrooms to avoid virus spread.
  • You are not allowed to order meals during the flight. 
  • You can only take packed items or beverages for the flight.

So, these are the important safety guidelines provided by American Airlines. You must follow all the rules to travel safely with the airline. Moreover, if you have some questions regarding whether a vaccine is required or not, you can contact the airline's customer support. You can dial the American Airlines customer service phone number to find the answers about vivid guidelines. You can also ask for other policies depending on the arrival and departure airports destination. Keep in mind all the guidelines given by American Airlines, and have a safe journey.

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