American Airlines Covid Test Policy Before Flying

American Airlines COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Yes, due to covid 19, the United States has made some significant changes to the country's entry rules. You need to fulfill some restrictions and testing requirements if you want to travel to the US. Also, when you fail to provide the required health certificates, you might not get entry into the country.

Even when you check-in for your flight, the airline needs to ensure that you haven't contacted any infected person. Or else, you don't show any symptoms of Covid. There is a list of amendments in the entry rules of American Airlines that you must know. Thus here is some detail that you should know about the Covid test before flying American Airlines. So, without wasting time, you should go through the given information.

Things You Must Consider About Covid Policy of American Airlines

  • At first, you should go to the Travel Updates page on the American Airlines website. There you can find all information and precautions that you need to implement while traveling.
  • Once you open the Travel Update page for Covid details, you know the tests require to get a clearance for traveling to your destination on American Airlines.
  • The latest CDC guidelines have updated the United States entry requirements depending upon citizenship/residence and vaccination status.
  • If you travel to the US from another country, you need to provide the COVID-19 recovery report before boarding a flight, regardless of your citizenship.
  • Moreover, you need to present a negative PCR or antigen viral test report not older than three days at the time of departure.
  • Not only would receipt of vaccination help you get an exemption, but you must also provide a report issued from a certified laboratory. The information can be a printout or electronic to board a flight.
  • If a passenger is two or older and traveling to the US, they must provide the positive covid report and other documents.
  • Above all, you need to submit an attestation form mentioning that you fulfill all entry requirements, and if you fail to do so, you can't enter the country.

After going through the above information, you no longer wonder do I need a Covid test before flying American Airlines? If you still need to know more details or have more queries, you can connect with an expert. The reservation support team provides you with all information on a single phone call. Thus you can get all details immediately without any delay that too around the clock.

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